A quality symbol turns into a trademark.

Setting the standard for excellence in the mobile audio industry, Rockford Corporation markets and distributes high-performance audio systems for the mobile audio aftermarket and OEM market.

October 2015

We always think that quality is fact and not a matter of fact. At UOL, we seamlessly want to bring a new era of products range.

We warmly welcome the Blue dot in the region and welcome our customers to learn more about the range of products that is widely open to you

UOL is proud to announce that its new partnership with Saab Automobile. We took the lead for a new challenge to offer Peace of Mind to all Saab users.

UOL will continue to take care of All Saab in the region and provide genuine services and genuine parts for your Saab.

Don't hesitate to give us a call or visit our office to order your parts.

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