UOL has chosen to be simply different. It ensures our heritage through successive generations by enabling new team members from around the world to share our values. Ultimately, our corporate genes inspire the way we think, highlight the qualities and ensure our existence.


Enhance discovery and innovative thinking into each of our products. 


In Order to achieve our Vision, UOL has dedicated a set of innovative new technologies. Our new touch has been settled to bring a new way of life. Enhance new technology and undertakes structural reforms that have reinforced our Framework for Medium and Long-term Initiatives.


The Challenge spirit at UOL is born. We will work as one entity in the areas of Products, Sales, Quality and Services to create a bondage with our customers.


Genuine products in the palm of your Hands



UOL has since the beginning made a shift  to change and pursue the market at different ways in driving experiences. It’s not simply a way to change but more importantly to reinvent the driving experiences. UOL has achieved many positive attributes since its settlement and still have to meet new heights.

Ultimate One Ltd

Dedicated in providing the best services to our customers to feel great. UOL has invested in an R&D network team to offer our product lines to the highest level.


Delighted and highly skilled staff who are regularly trained to strengthen their knowledge, UOL professionals bring innovation in the palm of our customers' hands with strong focus on quality and satisfaction.